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Multitask product with anti-adhesive, removing and lubricating capabilities. It is used as slider and remover in the rubber, plastic and wood industry. It features high water-repellent and antistatic power. It protects and smoothes plastic and rubber preventing cracking. Used as lubricating agent in automati vending machines isolates and protects electrical systems from the effects of humidity. Used in cars prevents corrosion of the terminal connections of the battery. It incrases the life of rubber, plastic and chromium-plated parts of sprorts items, household appliances and mechanical pars in general. During winter it prevenst the formation of ice on locks, frames, telescopic aerials and articulated parts. It makes the treaated parts water-repellente and eliminates squeaking.

Dettagli Prodotto

spray ml. 400 Pack of 12 pieces barcode 8011292082225

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