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Filler for marble catalyzed

“Ideal for vertical applications and repairs matariali places already in place. Once hardened, take all the characteristics of marble and can be worked with ordinary tools and machinery used for the marble itself. The product has excellent adhesion on all natural stones such as marble, granite, onyx and ceramic. It ‘very fluently and is most easily applied of mastics normalifacendo save 20% on labor. It can easily be colored using dyes for polyester paste.”

Dettagli Prodotto

Filler for marble catalyzed Jar ml.750 pcs. 12 barcode 8011292181317
Filler for marble catalyzed Jar ml.500 pcs. 12 barcode 8011292181324
Filler for marble catalyzed Jar ml.125 pcs. 128 barcode 8011292181348

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