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Filler metal catalyzed

“Stucco general purpose semi-rigid plastic. Smooth to apply and does not give rise to sagging on vertical surfaces. It ‘very resistant to most solvents and dilute acids and alkalis. Resists very well over 100 ° C without undergoing any distortion or alteration. It has excellent adhesion to steel, bakelite, rubber, and cement; good adhesion to the light metals, glass, porcelain, ceramic, etc. … The hardened filler has a surface compact, easily sandable, non-absorbent. Tools can be lavoratocon normal body and is painted over.”

Dettagli Prodotto

Filler metal catalyzed Jar ml.125 pcs. 18 barcode 8011292181140
Filler metal catalyzed Jar ml.500 pcs. 12 barcode 8011292181126
Filler metal catalyzed Jar ml.750 pcs. 12 barcode 8011292181119

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